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Water Pipes

Not a fan of throat burn? Can’t roll for beans? Or perhaps you’re just a connoisseur of fine glass for the grass. With our finely crafted glass pipes and bongs you can burn bud without burning your throat. Using our glass pipes for smoking is definitely the way to go for efficiency and for comfortability. Smoking from a water pipe like a bong or dab rig provides many benefits that a hand pipe or joint just can’t give you. With a water pipe you have the added benefit of a water filtration system which cools and smoothens the smoke before it enters your lungs, no throat burn here! Both our bong and rig selections have additional percolator systems which add more water filtration and diffusion so you can get an even more smooth hit. The hits you’ll be getting from our glass water pipes will be potent, you’ll only need one good rip to be set for the rest of your sesh. This means you’ll always get the most out of your weed. The type of water pipes we carry our bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and multifunctional bongs. Bongs and bubblers are for flower which will be packed in a bowl just like in a hand pipe. While dab rigs will be used to smoke concentrates such as wax and shatter for a real intense smoke. Our multifunctional bongs are bongs for flower that can be converted into dab rigs for the best of both bongs!