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Terms and Conditions

CheapHeadShop / Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions does not condone, promote or facilitate under-age smoking or illegal use of any tobacco substances or accessories. The products on this site are intended to be used in conjunction with legal use of tobacco only. By browsing or placing an order on this site you are in a bound agreement with that you are of legal age to smoke and purchase legal tobacco products and accessories in the state you live in, as well as, the current state you are purchasing from. Furthermore you agree that you are not purchasing for a minor or intend to re-sell, trade or gift item(s) to a minor(s), that these laws forbid.

Age Restrictions:

It is against the law to be under 18 years or in some states, 21-years old to browse or purchase items from this website. If you are unsure of your state’s current laws, please follow this link and exit out of this browser, and empty your cache immediately, and return to for updates for your local area.

Sale Items:

  • All sale items are final.
  • Sale items cannot be used in conjunction with coupon codes or other promotions.

Coupon Codes:

  • Are non-transferable
  • Do not contain monetary value
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with sale items, or other promotional items
  • Are applied to the subtotal of your entire order
  • Can be discontinued without notice and at anytime