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CheapHeadShop / Unbreakable Bong with Ice Catcher
Silicone bongs
Silicone bongs

Unbreakable Bong with Ice Catcher


Unbreakable Bong!

Details on our silicone bongs:

  • Unbreakable FDA grade silicone
  • Can resist 500 degrees fahrenheit
  • Suction cup bottom
  • Comes apart (2 pieces) for easy cleaning and transporting
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Ice Catcher

Height: 14″


  • Purple and Black
  • Green, Black and White
  • Blue, Yellow and Black

Comes with: Bowl and downstem


Perfect Rig Package add on items (not included):



Unbreakable Bong

You won’t have to ever buy a bong again (but you probably will) with these unbreakable bongs made out of silicone. Can be adjusted to an oil rig (also known as dab rig) with a variety of dab nails – this bong is shown with a universal ceramic nail here

It is FDA silicone grade and can withstand up to 500+ degrees. It also comes with an ice catcher, and can be put in the dishwasher for easy clean up, especially if you like a clean bong or are getting sick of your friends roasting you for your dirty one. Comes in two pieces, so it’s easy to travel with as well, camping, concerts, anything outdoors, you no longer have to worry about your glass bong breaking. Even though unbreakable it still has a suction cup bottom so you don’t have to worry about spilling bong water and bowl and stem are made of glass so don’t run your car over it unless those are removed first. In and all Silicone bongs are the best in class.


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