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  • Water Bubblers

    Not a fan of throat burn? Can’t roll for beans? Or perhaps you’re just a connoisseur of fine glass for the grass. With our finely crafted cheap, glass, water bubblers you can burn bud without burning your throat. Not sure how to use a water bubbler? It’s just like using a hand pipe, just add water! Start by gently filling the glass bubbler with water. Now check your levels! Hold the carb and take a draw, if the water bubbles you’re good, if it splashes into your mouth, dump some out. After you’ve adjusted the levels, pack the water bubbler with grinded flower at the bowl, make sure it’s dry! Finally it’s time to light up. Insert the mouthpiece while covering the carb hole, light a portion of the bowl with your lighter or wick and then gently pull, building up smoke in the glass bubbler. Once you’ve built up enough smoke, let go of the carb and inhale deeply. Congratulations! You now know how to smoke a glass, water bubbler. You’ll notice the hit is much more smoother and cooler thanks to the water filtration. Then you’ll wonder why you didn’t pick up one of our cheap glass bubblers from the start! The bubblers we have for sale are all portable, affordable and easy to use. Not to mention they make beautiful table ornaments.
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