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    Don't like rubbers? You'll change your mind once you rub a nice smoke out of one of our Silicone smoking pipes. Our silicone pipes measures at 4.25” and is available in a variety of crazy colors. Thanks to its silicone construction you can finally stop worrying about breaking your piece into a thousand pieces (just like the one last week). Not to mention, our silicone pipe is FDA approved, so you can practice safe smoking. This slick piece of silicone is completely flexible so you can throw it, bop it, hit it, then stick it back into your pocket. Now why would you make a silicone pipe over a glass pipe? Cleaning a glass hand pipe can get tough, but with a silicone hand pipe you can flex it and bend it anyway you want, leaving you a squeaky clean silicone pipe ready for the next sesh. On the underside, you’ll even find a fitted metal poker for detailed cleaning. Think that’s cool? Check out what’s right next to it! A hidden stash compartment to keep an extra dash of that dank. Can’t do that with glass can you?