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    Introducing our very own custom Fox Grinders, laser etched with a sleek Fox logo. These are the best herb grinders you can find! Decorated in a premium gloss finish, the Fox Grinder for weed is available in colors: blue, black and silver. For these cool weed grinders, you can opt for either a simple and compact 2-part assembly or a functional 4-part. Our 4-piece herb grinder for weed assures you an easy grind without losing a single speck of your precious flower, all thanks to the included kief catcher and mini kief scraper! Not only are you paying for the best grinder for weed, but you’ll also be getting your return on investment soon after. After a few grinds and seshes, just pop open the cool weed grinder and take a look at all your well earned collection of kief, you grinded for this view!