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You can’t go wrong with our cheap glass water bongs! Out of all of our water pipes for sale, you gotta take a look at our glass bongs with percolators. Fitted with a variety of percolators and ice catchers, you’ll be getting the iciest hits with maximum filtration and diffusion. Our silicone bongs are perfect for some of us that have dropped a bong or two. So if you have butter fingers or just want something you can throw in your backpack and not worry about squat, consider trying out our Unbreakable Silicone Bong with Ice Catcher. You can do just about anything to it, smoke it, throw it, bend it, even throw it in the dishwasher. The only thing you can’t do is break it (except for the glass stem and bowl). Now for those who are a little picky about their percs, don’t worry, we’ve got ‘em all! Honeycomb, matrix, UFO, dome, turbine, tree, showerhead, inline – practically any  combo you could ever want. So pick out your percs and get yourself one of our many glass bongs with percolators for sale. It’s more bong for your buck!